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Design Systems
"SCAN" pays special attention to the integration of CAD/EDA systems in a Customer design flow to achieve maximum effect of advanced CAD/EDA systems' functional capabilities and interrelation between a Customer and project data. "SCAN" has partnership agreements with the leading producers of CAD/EDA systems in microelectronics: Cadence, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Agilent Technologies and others and offers our customers the best, advanced and perspective solutions and, what is particularly important, provides technical support to these solutions and their system integration.
System Level
Modern electronic systems and components consist of many blocks of various complexities. The growing number of blocks, components, their complexities and the necessity to reduce the realization time demand to make analysis of architecture, functional algorithms of separate blocks and entire system at early stages of design process. The traditional design flow cannot meet above conditions. The solution is Electronic System Level - ESL.
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Functional Verification
Functional verification is an important phase in the design of complicated electronic devices. The reason of majority of failures in the projects is incomplete or untimely verification of correct functionality. CAD/EDA systems manufacturers offer solutions how to optimize verification process.
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VLSI and SOC Design
VLSI design flow can be split into several parts where the main are the design of digital and analog ICs, physical verification and masks design. Each has its own set of design instruments from various producers aimed at accelerating design process and improving design quality. World leaders in CAD/EDA developments offer complete design flows for VLSI ICs and SoC as well as IP blocks libraries and support services.
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FPGA solutions allow developing project HDL description from "zero", make verification (both static using formal verification methods and dynamic with simulation), logical and physical synthesis. Quick execution enables the use of FPGAs for prototyping full function VLSI ICs and device debugging without the necessity of chip manufacturing where error correction is more expensive.
PC Boards
Up-to-date CAD/EDA systems for system design on PCB from the leaders of software products are used both by small companies and huge corporations involved in design process. Instruments for analog, digital and mixed simulation (modeling), signals integrity analysis, thermal analysis and integration with FPGAs. CAM systems for high-tech engineering organizations automate the PCB Release Process. This solutions allow engineering and manufacturing teams to work together to transition Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) designs into successful, physical products.
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At present thanks to intensive development of CAD/EDA systems in the design of radio electronic devices it becomes possible to support an entire design cycle of microwave devices on a software level: from the design of general circuitry up to system behavior simulation. Up-to-date microwave CAD/EDA systems allow design at various levels of abstraction and the use of wide range of simulation instruments.
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Packaging and System in a Package
Solutions to realize IC package design. Development on a physical level of complicated IC packaging and support of bonding technologies: wire bond and flip chip die. Matching package characteristics and electric features of modern integrate circuits.
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