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Computer Equipments
"SCAN" is an experienced system integrator in creating data processing and storage systems of any size. The company offers complete scope of works related to implementation and supply of data processing centers, server solutions, data storage systems, data and applications protection means, peripheral devices and office equipment, computers, notebooks and network equipment. "SCAN" is an authorized partner of such leading computer companies as Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Network Appliance, Symantec/Veritas, Cisco, Microsoft and others. "SCAN" has certified employees in the most important areas.
Blade Systems
Blade server - the platform is a highly profitable and flexible framework for wireless and wired infrastructures, ensuring high availability and performance required for telecommunication companies. Blade Chassis - platform combines in one unit the productive and telecommunication infrastructure: cables, power supplies and fans, networking, redundancy, and other components. The chassis supports up to 16 server blades and adds useful features, time-saving services and reduce energy consumption. Blade server delivers high performance data processing in combination with the reliability and low energy-consuming.
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Places on the desktop should be a lot, so the diagonal monitors increasing all the time, and the format is expanding. Not so long ago, monitors with a diagonal of 19 inches were considered professional and very few were available for PC users. Now on the market there were modern large-format screens. The most popular right now is the diagonal of 20-24 inches - "price / quality" they have quite reasonable. CJCS "SCAN" is ready to offer you a modern widescreen monitors from different manufacturers. We cooperate with the manufacturers of monitors, whose products have always had a high color quality and the ability to see what is happening on the screen at virtually any angle.
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Personal computers
Desktop - a solution that meets the needs of enterprises to maximize productivity and security. Through the use of the latest generation of computer desktops are a mix of modern management functions with a robust design and efficient energy consumption, which allows organizations to do more with less.
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  • About the company
    About the company

    ARBYTE Group — manufacturer and supplier of solutions, products and services in the field of information technology, operating in the Russian market since 1991. ARBYTE provides services for the implementation of systems management of IT infrastructure, security, services, and business processes of the enterprise, and also provides management consulting services and training.

    Since its establishment, the company has gained extensive experience of projects to supply, development and implementation of information technology in various sectors of the Russian economy.

    For over 15 years, more than 1,000 companies and organizations in Russia and the CIS automate various aspects of its operations and business with the help of hardware and software solutions ARBYTE. Today, the company's customers ARBYTE — of machinery, heavy industry, banks, financial groups, trade and industrial holdings, state enterprises, research organizations, higher education institutions.

The workstation can be universal, ie, can pick their own configuration for efficient solutions in various applications. Special models are optimally configured for specific applications (eg, CAD \ CAM, general computing, work with graphics, etc.). In our company you can buy a workstation processor-based Intel, ensuring maximum performance and reliability in professional software.
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Server Equipment
Server hardware is designed to serve as a dozen, and hundreds of thousands of users of computer networks. Application server devices provides a high level of security, preventing the loss of personal data and protecting against irreversible failures in information flow. Installed on a special server software allows you to efficiently and as comfortably as possible to operate the equipment.
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Network Equipment
CJSC "SCAN" - one of the largest suppliers in the Russian market of modern network equipment. We offer the most high-performance products and effective solutions for their installation. Having vast experience we have managed to become a supplier of some of the largest firms. SJCS "SCAN" actively cooperated with world leaders in the production of network equipment. This way, our customers receive not only the highest level of service, but also a large selection of networking equipment from leading brands.
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Data Storage Systems

Today storage systems — one of the fastest growing areas in IT. With every day increasing amounts of information. Every day, a huge number of organizations facing the following problems:

  • lack of space to store data on the internal media servers and workstations;
  • needing for instant recovery of data;
  • the limited time required to back up data, the need to consolidate your existing storage systems and "transparent" access to the data stored there.

With all these problems perfectly cope modern hardware storage system.

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Thin Clients
CJSC "SCAN" offers you a wide range of diskless computers in a variety of configurations and price range. In the catalog of thin clients are different models. Buy your favorite model you can in the office of the company, and the means of delivery by courier. We accept all forms of payment.
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