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IP Blocks
"SCAN" supplies continuously expanding library of IP blocks from the world leading IP manufacturers. We also offer IP of the most widely used functions and interfaces made by our designers; they have been tested and qualified according to the requirements of Reuse Methodology Manual (RMM).
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Analog IP Blocks
Majority of VLSI ICs have at least one analog function: clock generators, ADC/DAC or more complicated solutions like PHY controllers for high speed data transfer interfaces. The leading IP-blocks manufacturers offer their solutions covering most widely spread technological processes to the world Fabs.
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Verification IP Blocks
Verification procedures of standard components during design or system integration process sometimes take more time than the design itself. In order to reduce design / system integration time, increase the quality and compliance to existing standards some companies offer IP-blocks as verification solutions.
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Digital IP Blocks
Growing competition in the development of digital devices gave rise to repeated use of existing solutions in order to reduce the time to the market. In the meantime digital circuits are well described with such apparatus languages as Verilog / VHDL and enable, when used correctly, the access to realized functions to outside designers. Due to these trends numerous IP-blocks for wide range of digital interfaces and standards appeared in the market.
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