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Company Hewlett-Packard (HP) provides solutions in IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, system integration services, service support and outsourcing, as well as devices and printing images for consumers, enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses and end users.
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  • About the company
    About the company

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) provides solutions in IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, system integration services, service support and outsourcing, as well as devices and printing images for consumers, enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses and end-users.

    The core business of HP:

    • Division of printing and digital imaging (IPG)
    • Personal Systems (PSG)
    • Division of technological solutions (TSG)

    HP focuses on simplifying technology experiences, experiences for all of its customers — from individual consumers to the largest businesses. With a portfolio of solutions includes HP printing system and image processing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure, information technology.

HP Networking
HP ProCurve Networking division is a supplier of enterprise networking solutions, which include wired and wireless networking products, services and solutions, including routers, WAN, Switches Ethernet, routing switches, wireless access points and network management applications. All of this allows our customers to build networks based on open standards that meet current and future needs for security, performance and reliability.
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HP Desktops
Hewlett-Packard - one of the oldest manufacturers of computer equipment, due to the numerous innovations and scientific developments managed to become the largest producer. HP Products is a leader in many areas of the IT-industry, setting the goals throughout the computer industry. We are pleased to offer you a series of PCs HP Pro and Elite - aimed at both home and corporate users as a high office and gaming solutions (computers).
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HP Workstations
Workstations HP Z-series - is a revolutionary combination of excellent design and high performance. They always provide high-speed performance, and broad prospects for increasing the resources to solve the most complex problems. Workstations are stylish, functional design. The side panels are made of brushed aluminum. There are built-in handles, removable modular components, and the lack of visible cables opens space for the ventilation system. Also, there is also a liquid cooling. Due to increase the capacity, HP workstations Z-Series provides trouble-free operation of various applications that require high resource costs. Workstation HP Z-series has a high performance, built on the new Quad-Core Intel В® Xeon В®, as well as architecture, Intel В® QuickPath Interconnect with an integrated memory controller. All this allows you to do more, but spend less time.
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HP Servers
The family of HP Integrity servers and HP Proliant is diverse use of innovative technology solutions, a variety of model series, and architectural types, making Hewlett-Packard provides the customer with the ability to design server platforms and the free choice of the necessary configuration that best meets specific application needs, the requirements for availability, performance, scalability, price and time of performance. Despite its compact size, the servers offer impressive performance and the possibility of further modernization. This family of servers includes a variety of models and suitable for both small organizations and businesses offerings.
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HP Servers
HP Data Storage
Storage systems from Hewlett Packard are tape drives , disk arrays, and NAS- servers. Models of disk arrays provide maximum storage consolidation by supporting technology 8GB FC, Combo FC / iSCSI or 6Gb SAS. HP StorageWorks Command View reduces the cost of administering disk arrays .
Adding to the array or SAN IP- gateway services Windows, implemented in the NAS- server models , increases the profitability of investment in equipment . The universality of this type of technology is the ability to use it both as a storage system that supports the protocol iSCSI, as well as a file server , or both that, and another at the same time . Maintenance of components for servers and files for clients implemented using protocols (FC / iSCSI or SAS / iSCS) and unifies database storage .
In the development of HP tape drives are the focus was on increasing the volume of the system flexibility , ease of control equipment and data , improving the speed of backup and recovery. In the latest models of equipment technology is implemented TapeAssure, which, combined with hardware encryption enables high performance tape drives .
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Disk Storage Systems NAS Tape Drives Software for Data storages Equipment for SAN
HP thin clients
Hewlett-Packard has announced a decision based on thin clients and market-oriented enterprise solutions and built on hardware platforms from AMD and VIA. In this model are basically hybrid processor AMD G-Series with two cores and a clock speed of 1.65 GHz, plus integrated graphics with support for DirectX 11 API and visual of 3D-effects. The manufacturer positions thin clients as solutions to the business environment in which employees need remote access to applications via virtual desktops. HP Thin Clients offer users access to common applications and data on servers, which significantly reduces operating costs and increases data security. Models HP t610 and t510 offer features such as remote access for multiple monitors, enhanced multimedia performance and alternative ways of connecting.
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